Open-Source Linear Genetic ProgrammingΒΆ

This project is an implementation of Linear Genetic Programming (LGP) as outlined by Brameier, M. F., & Banzhaf, W. (2007) [1].

The package intends to provide an easily-accessible platform for using LGP to solve problems, through a system that offers a cross-platform, modern, and robust interface.

This document includes an introduction to the concepts used in LGP, details regarding the design of this system, and various tutorials and examples.

For those unfamiliar with LGP, it is recommended to start with the LGP section to gain an understanding for the rest of the documentation. Otherwise, the Guide details how to get started using the system.

This system was developed as partial fulfilment towards a Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (Honours) degree at the University of Waikato in 2017. The accompanying report can be viewed here.

[1]Brameier, M. F., & Banzhaf, W. (2007). Linear Genetic Programming. Springer Science & Business Media.